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Amistar is proud to offer equipment from TWS Automation.

TWS Automation is an Italian company that designed and developed a GPS Product many years ago, and to implement production of their product, chose to design their own assembly equipment.

After enjoying success with their new products, TWS decided to continue production and offer it for other manufacturers. TWS equipment can now be found in production all over the world, and enjoys a fine reputation for quality, integrity, and customer service.

TWS offers a low-cost solution for your production needs, including Pick and Place, Printers, Depanelizers, and Ovens. The TWS equipment has a small footprint, and is suitable for low to medium throughput requirements.

TWS offers Quadra Pick and Place platform and Smart Feeders, Bench-top Screen Printers, and Reflow Ovens

TWS Quadra Series

TWS Quadra Series

The TWS Quadra is a Pick and Place platform that includes All-Vision processing and centering, a wide range of application, Smart Feeders, all in a small, stand-alone footprint.

It incorporates the Linux Operating System for high reliability, security, no need for endless patches and upgrades, and no worry of viruses and other problems found in typical Operating Systems.

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TWS Screen Printers

TWS Screen Printers

TWS Screen Printers are bench-top, easy to use, rugged and accurate. They include many standard user-friendly features to give the high-quality printing required in today’s production environment.

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TWS Reflow Ovens

TWS Reflow Ovens

TWS Reflow Ovens come in a variety of sizes to meet your production requirements. From the compact TWS850 to the medium-size TWS1390, these ovens are efficient, easy to use, and offer excellent results.

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TWS Accessories

TWS Accessories

Accessories include Depaneling machines, Stencil Frames, Storage Cabinets, and Thermal Profilers make PCB manufacturing more efficient and cost-effective.

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