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The DataPlace line of Automated Labeling Equipment is the industry standard for Print-On-Demand identification with on-board, real-time verification.  There are several models to meet your needs for product labeling, from conveyorized fully automatic to benchtop.  We also provide the Custom Integration Software, to provide real-time tracking of your production, on your Inventory Control System.  These systems are flexible and can be made to handle your production needs.  Our Labeling Software allows you to use Linear or 2-D Barcode, and we will build your machine with the scanners you require.  Contact Amistar Automation today, and find out how a DataPlace system can benefit your production.

Virtually any product that can be reliably conveyed using SMEMA-compatible or custom configured conveyors can be labeled using the system. This includes product types that can be transported via a carrier. While the base model labeling system is configured primarily for PCB applications having SMEMA compliant conveyor systems, machine options and custom configurations are available that allow the system to be used for labeling product types that are far removed from the scope of traditional PCB assembly processes.



Amistar DataPlace LCL

Amistar's DataPlace Model LCL is a CE compliant labeling system that performs automated placement of labels onto a wide variety of products. The system is primarily designed to service inline labeling for PCB electronic product assembly wherein the user applies one or more labels to each PCB introduced into the assembly process.

The system is configured with programmable X- and Y-axis servo system.

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Amistar DataPlace DLM

Complete Network Connectivity

  • QUICK Integration into ANY MIS Environment
  • Total flexibility Easy to Use
  • Proven Performance in High Volume Environments 1D and 2D 
  • All symbologies supported
  • Powerful Software and Networking
  • Full integration with other DataPlace Systems ensures data integrity
  • Centralized management of programs and label layouts
  • Global management of serialization

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DataPlace VLM

The DataPlace Model VLM is a label management station for manual placement of data. The VLM system provides large benefits for inventory management and traceability whereby incoming components are scanned and relabeled to add the user's internal part numbers to the manufacturer's identity numbers on reels, tubes, trays and PCBs.

The DataPlace VLM can also be of particular value to those who routinely rework assemblies and require the removal or destruction of a previously placed label. By using the proven method of database-driven labeling as other DataPlace systems, the DataPlace VLM offers an integrated approach to maintaining the continuity and consistency of label data when generating new labels for component or assembly identification.

The DataPlace VLM system provides a computer workstation, a network interface and connections for up to four 600dpi thermal transfer printers and up to four printer-mounted scanners.

Printers for the DataPlace VLM are sold separately. The optional scanners can read and verify one barcode per label. The DataPlac VLM can also run the optional Remote Programming Manager and the Master Library Manager software.

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Software Options

DataPlace Remote Programming Management

DataPlace Remote Programming Management Software allows the user to create placement programs and label layouts using a remotely located desktop computer. Placement programs and label formats from that computer can then be made available to the DataPlace machines that are connected to the user's network. One license and USB license key device are included.

Master Library Management Software

DataPlace Library Management Software provides access to a centralized database of placement programs and label layouts located at a designated location on the users network. The Master Library Management Software requires all operator selected placement programs and label layouts to be compared and matched to the "Master" location. If the local program or layout diff ers from the "Master" the operator is notified and must choose either the local or the "Master" program and layout.

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Automatic Data Backup

The DataPlace Automatic Data Back-up utility delivers the capability to schedule automatic back-ups of the database and label layouts that reside on the hard-drive of a DataPlace labeling machine.

Customer Specific Integration

Customer Specific Integration Software allow standard DataPlace software and control systems to be modified to meet a user's unique needs. This custom software requires the prospective buyer to submit a written description or specification.

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