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For over 30 years Fritsch has produced complete and flexible SMT solutions. placePRO and placeALL equipment handle chips 0201 up to fine pitch components 70x70mm, pitch 0.3mm, BGAs, BGAs, CSPs, QFNs, and custom parts like connectors and wired THT-LEDs.

placePRO and all placeALL models can be used as standalone equipment, or integrated into an assembly line. Optional dispenser available on all models.

placePRO® 510

Combining the advantages of manual placement with the precision of automatic placement the placePRO® is designed as a bridge between manual and fully-automatic placement equipment. It is ideal for prototypes and small volume PCB requirements.

Fast changeover times and user friendly software. Up to 4,000cph.

placePRO uses the same feeders as the placeALL line of equipment.

placeALL® 515

The placeALL®515 pick-&-place system is especially useful for building prototypes and small batches. It supports a wide range of components for even the most complex tasks. Up to 4,000cph.

Intelligent software and up to 200 possible feeder positions (8mm tape) minimize changeover times.

placeALL® 610

The placeALL®610 can be used for the assembly of prototypes and small batches.

With a wide range of supported components and up to 208 possible feeder positions (8mm tape), even complex tasks can be assembled.

Up to 10,500cph with second pick-&-place head.



placeALL® 610L

The placeALL® 610L has a wider assembly area than the placeALL® 610.  Feeder positions are increased to 284 & a maximum of 6 trays.  As an option, the entire assembly field can be used to assemble large PCBs (up to 1020 x 450mm).

Up to 10,500cph with a second pick-&-place head.


placeALL® 610XL

The placeALL®610XL offers the largest assembly area of the 610 Series.  Its dimensions of up to 1020 x 690mm enable the assembly of the largest projects.

With 346 feeder positions (8mm tape) (262 when used in-line) and intelligent software, changeover times can be reduced to a minimum.


The placeALL700® is based on the most modern techniques in axis drive & control.  Up to four assembly heads makes this the optimum machine for flexible & precise SMD production of medium & large batches.  It has a modular structure & proves assembly quantity of up to 14,000cph (with 4 heads). 

Placement area up to 520 x 450mm.  Maximum 208 slots for 8mm tape feeders. 

The available hardware options and software modules like PATrace, PAStorage, PAJob etc. and feeders are the same as placeALL® 510/610.

Under Development

Feeder Systems

placePRO® and placeALL® equipment offers the right feeder for every SMD model.  The feeder system includes feeders for reels, sticks, trays, and loose components.


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